For Victims' Advocates of Corrupt Family Courts

Dear Advocates: 

I am currently doing research for a book about corrupt family court systems and am interested in any suggestion from you on chapter topics. 

I am looking at approximately ten chapters, each on a different topic related to the most pressing issues of protective mothers and family court. I am already researching several topics and hope you might suggest others.

My current book on the family court system, is intended for a much broader audience than my previous books, which were faith-based. I have received communications from two publishers who have expressed interest in my next book. 

I am also looking for personal stories related to family court experience. Identities will be kept confidential where requested, as I understand many are still involved in litigation and involve children who have not yet aged out of the system.

I appreciate your advocacy and any suggestions from you on chapter topics or subtopics will be most welcome. ~~ Jocelyn

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