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  1. Good Morning, Jocelyn. I have viewed several of your Youtube videos and have subscribed to them. They have been a blessing. I have a jewelry ministry Esther's Creative Jewels, and I would like to bless you with one of my pieces. Is there a ministry address I can send it to. I'm also on fb DrEsther Portalatin.


    1. Esther, I received your beautiful bracelet and wear it often. Thank you! You have been in my prayers. Have you moved to Florida yet? Email me.

  2. Esther, Thank you for the kind offer! I am so glad my posts and videos are a blessing to you. I'm happy to see we are already friends on FB. That is awesome! I love the concept of your jewelry! I will send my mailing address to you at the email address I found on your website. Thank you again.

  3. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Hi Jocelyn, I wanted to ask a question as to how I might obtain permission if possible to read your very important book Woman this is War on my podcast Fire on my YouTube channel 4TheMostHighJesus. I attempted to reach out to your publisher but the website to contact them is no longer available.

    I would like to do an interview with you if possible and if possible read the book to my listeners. The facts laid out in your book about the wicked doctrine of complementarianism is astonishing.

    I don't know if you remember me, but you heard my video from years ago "The Lies of Complementarianism" and thanked me for speaking on the topic.

    Please let me know. I can be reached through my website contact form. Blessings in Jesus' name.