How to teach sound doctrine

I was asked to watch a video on biblical cosmology, so I am watching it as I promised, but the speaker's method of arriving at theological conclusions is disturbingly myopic. He throws a hypothesis mixed with a handful of scriptures at a wall and expects his theology to stick. There is no attempt to establish context or perspective. In fact, he states that perspective is irrelevant.

As leaders, our ability to influence others is too great to neglect sound Bible study habits. Reading our Bibles is #1 of course, but learning to rightly discern the Word of God comes not only with knowing what the Bible says but what it does not say. We can only know these things if we read the entire Bible, skipping nothing, and not just once. That's why I recommend reading our Bibles every day, always picking up today where we left off yesterday.

Developing good habits such as comparing passages and determining whether or not they are related is important. Considering the context of verses, considering the perspective (who is speaking) of verses is critical. Religious cults have been founded on myopically looking at a single Bible verse and without looking at context and perspective toss thousands of years of responsible scholarship. Sound doctrine is important. Jesus said when the blind lead the blind, ALL fall into the ditch.

Error is progressive. The Rulers of the Darkness of this world see to that. Once we embrace one error, we place ourselves in a position of being oppressed by seducing spirits who are dedicated to promoting doctrines of demons. Paul foretold the of the day when saved people would not endure sound doctrine.

Follow Jesus's example of judging all theology by the written Word of God. How many times did he tell Satan, "It is WRITTEN...?" Consider Isaiah's warning about following or creating new doctrine that has not already been WRITTEN. God gave us his sacred writings for a reason. Remember, when the apostle brought the good news to the Bereans, they "searched the scriptures" to see if what they were being told was true?

Don't blindly trust the scholars. All scholars do not teach truth. All scholars do not agree on everything. All scholars do not belong to Jesus and have the Holy Spirit living in them. Therefore, they do not have the ability to compare spiritual things with spiritual.

Prayerfully question and compare. All Children of the Most High God have the Holy Spirit of God dwelling in us, and John said this is the anointing that teaches us all things and is Truth.

One of the ministry gifts of the Holy Spirit is the gift of teaching. God gave us teachers, not to utterly depend on but to help equip EVERY Believer for the work of the ministry.

John understood this when he said we have no need of any human to teach us, that we all have access to the same anointed teacher who lives in us. That anointed teacher will never tell us anything that contradicts what has already been written. We walk by faith. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Contend earnestly for the faith, but don't become contentious. Faith works by love. Jocelyn Andersen: books, biography, latest update

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