Woman Submit! Christians & Domestic Violence: The woman whose spirit is being crushed and life possibly endangered by domestic violence is faced with a unique burden. She needs straight answers-not unrealistic expectations or clich├ęd, stereotypical platitudes. In the book Woman Submit! Christians & Domestic Violence, by Jocelyn Andersen, she will get straight answers, clear scriptural direction, and some tough challenges from one who has been there but is there no longer.

Praise for Woman Submit!


I pray this book starts a revolution! ~~Earl Gooden, The Bottom Line Radio Broadcast

"You write so we can feel it. Well done!"  

 "I believe this book could actually save lives."  ~~Elreta Dodds, Author of, “Is God A Chauvinist?”

"Her sometimes controversial take on suggested Christian women's response to conventional church wisdom on the topic of domestic violence has often caught the evangelical world off guard -- but she's undaunted." ~~Ed Thomas, One News Now

"I am sooo pleased that you developed this book. I have been working in the Domestic Violence field for over 20 years and have been wishing for a resource like this..."~Attorney and Victim's Advocate, AZ

"I read the book and was just overwhelmed!  It brought back a lot of those old feelings, but at the same time, explained some things I hadn't yet gotten a handle on...I think the book is wonderful."
Kathy Isler, Artist, Former Battered Wife

"I was ecstatic to see your book! I have lived it. When I told my church I was leaving they told me to go back...When he battered me badly enough I filed for divorce, they told me I would undergo church discipline...."  ~Lori, R.N. 

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Woman this is WAR! Gender Slavery and the Evangelical Caste System, comprehensively addresses complementarianism [also called complementarity or patriarchy], which teaches that all men and women are born into a caste system that follows them from the moment they exit the womb throughout all eternity. Men are alleged to be born into the leader caste and women into the follower caste.

 The book gives rare and nuanced insights into Christian initiatives in the movements for women’s rights that have either been deliberately or inadvertently kept out of Christian literature. These insights bring new perspective, along with freedom and hope. 

The doctrine of female submission to male governance in the church and home, is soundly refuted with scriptures that support equality and autonomy between women and men. The book is a treasure-trove of information on equality of the sexes from biblical, historical, and Christian perspectives.

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Praise for Woman this is WAR!
This book is well written, well researched, and a real eye opener. When one is changed by the spirit of God and comes into right relationship with Him, through Jesus, then the words of the Bible come alive, and He is revealed on every page. The honest student of scripture will look into the Greek, and Hebrew text, to know what is said to understand "apparent" contradictions. The scripture was not written in English. What is very clear in the text is that men and women in God's church (not the institutions) are equal in worth before God, and there is no such thing as "men rule and women submit". The false "teachers" in Christianity need to be exposed for their greed and lust for power over others. I believe that process will be ongoing. ~~ Elise

Living in a predominantly Baptist area, women are taught to submit to their husbands. And I have struggled with what was being preached behind the pulpit many, many times.

Ms. Andersen’s novel is a game changer. We shouldn’t simply accept what is being interpreted and fed to us. We should do our research and not be afraid to question inconsistencies.

Women can lead. And women should lead. ~~ Kristine

Andersen is a gifted writer, and the book was easy to read even as it covers thoughtful and sometimes technical information. I am glad I read it. I’ve read a great deal about women in the church and home, and it is easy to think there is nothing new to be learned or considered – but this book has a unique approach and covers aspects overlooked by others. Everything is well documented with footnotes in case you have questions or want sources. ~~ L. Martin

If you think Jocelyn Andersen's title of her new book is inflammatory, and loaded with gender-bias, please note that she is quoting the attitude of John MacArthur in his introduction to "The Fulfilled Family," "Gentlemen, don't even think about marriage until you have mastered the art of warfare."

Andersen shares with us the horrific pattern she discovered in her research--a pattern of war against women--especially in Christian churches. Although disagreements abound between denominations, the attitude toward women is very similar in nearly all of them. Even some women join in the war against women. Although similar to the cold war against the USSR, with propaganda and innuendo being the key tools, it is also a war that has been and is being waged from many pulpits. Scripture has been twisted, mistranslated, and misinterpreted, and the twists, mistranslations, and misinterpretations repeated until a large majority of Christians believe the human changes to scripture ARE scripture, and insist that to deviate from the misinformation they have been taught is to rebel against God. ~~ Waneta Dawn

...  Redemption: Bible Prophecy Simplified, A Study of HOPE: The day The Towers Fell was prophesied in the Bible. The basket of currency connected with the Euro is found in the Bible. Details concerning the Rapture, The Great Tribulation and the first 1000 years of Christ’s reign on earth are looked at from the unique perspective of the seven prophetic feasts of the Lord found in the book of Exodus. This Book presents us with a panoramic and chronological overview of God's plan of redemption for our souls, bodies and this earth as revealed in scripture. Bible Prophecy Simplified is simple enough for beginning prophecy students, but there is plenty to intrigue the intermediate and advanced student as well.

Praise for Redemption
Many people find the prophetic aspect of the Bible difficult to understand and therefore, they ignore it. Having been a student of Biblical prophecy for years, I was curious to see how this author handled all the intense subjects. I'm happy to say she did so with great clarity and ease. This book is not just about prophecy but about God's plan for mankind from the Garden of Eden, to the prophetic sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross to save us, and finally to God's plan for the end of the age, which we are fast approaching. If you want a clear and easy to read study on God's plan for the Redemption of mankind and a great overview of events to soon take place, this is the book for you. Highly recommended ~~ ML Tyndall

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