Quick Link Resource Guide for Advocates of Biblical Equality of the Sexes

 God is moving among his young people and raising up advocates for biblical equality of the sexes. 

Many of us who have been advocating for biblical equality of the sexes, are getting up in age. I am approaching my 67th birthday and have been advocating for almost 2 decades. 

I started writing, Woman Submit! Christians & Domestic Violence, in 2005, and the Lord immediately began dealing with me about writing, Woman this is WAR! Gender Slavery and the Evangelical Caste System. He made it clear that if I only ran with the message of preventing domestic violence, without addressing the root cause, "other side of the coin" so to speak, which is complementarianism/male headship, that I would be running only half-dressed.

I am thrilled to see God raising up a veritable army of young advocates. This is a growing movement among young Christians. For that reason, in addition to my books, I put together a "Quick Link Resource Guide for Advocates of Biblical Equality," which consists of links to over 100 of my articles on the topic, all conveniently located on one webpage for quick reference.

I am 100% committed to supporting advocates of any age. 

Please share the link https://lnkd.in/ek5wtsq9

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