Hierarchy within the Body of Christ


 For you are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus   For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ [1] There is neither Jew nor Greek there is neither bond nor free there is neither male nor female for ye are all one in Christ Jesus [2]  And if you be Christ’s then are you Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise [3]

Galatians 3:26-29

[1] Galatians 3:27 is not speaking of water baptism. It is speaking of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit which baptizes all believers into the Body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12:13). 

[2] Galatians 3:28 obliterates all notions of hierarchy within the Body of Christ. There is no racial, ethnic, or gender hierarchy among the Out-Calleds of Christ. Unscriptural organizations have implemented hierarchy from the beginning, thus corrupting the worship, service, and preaching of Christ, limiting to males most forms of leadership seen in modern churches, but not ordained by our Creator.

[3] Galatians 3:29, is an awesome revelation to the Body of Christ that in no way negates promises made to the physical seedof Abraham [the Jews/Hebrews]. The Body of Christ and the people of the world who will inhabit the first one-thousand years of Christ’s earthly Kingdom will participate in the common wealth of the nation of Israel.

The Bible says, the New Covenant is a better covenant based on better promises. The Old Covenant contains amazing promises. But not a single promise made to Abraham and his physical descendants is taken from them and “transferred” to “The Church.” This is a false and anti-Semitic teaching that began with the organization founded by Constantine and later called Roman Catholicism, with the Vatican as its capitol and also its embassy. Not many understand that the Vatican City is a sovereign nation which many nations, including, the united states, have ambassador’s to. The goal of the Vatican has always been a literal, global dominion of Roman Catholicism in an attempt to usurp the promise that Israel will one day be the head nation in Christ’s global Kingdom.

Historically, the Vatican has used military and naval power (Spanish Armada) and terrorism (the Spanish Inquisition) to achieve this goal. They now use the ecumenical movement [which they founded] to achieve global dominance in appropriating to themselves, what God promised the Jews. 

Protestants also have their own anti-Semitic version of what it means to be “Abraham’s seed.” We see this in the false teachings of Reformed and Dominion theologies. Though reformed and dominion teachings are not identical and disagree on many points, but both paradigms appropriate to themselves promises made to Abraham, and both groups are anti-Semitic in their disavowal of the physical seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob…Israel. Some Messianic groups are anti-Semitic in this way, as well, using Galatians 3:29 as a basis for disavowing physical the Jews as God’s chosen people.

This is an excerpt from The Hungry Hearts Bible Commentary edited by this author.


Woman this is WAR! Gender, Slavery & the Evangelical Caste System: Andersen, Jocelyn: 9780979429323: Amazon.com: Books

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"Andersen tackles most of the primary the teachings of complementarianism with an impressive exegesis"

Woman this is WAR! Gender, Slavery & the Evangelical Caste System: Andersen, Jocelyn: 9780979429323: Amazon.com: Books

 Author and speaker, Jocelyn Andersen, is an eclectic Christian writer. She is a Bible teacher who writes about many subjects including Bible prophecy and equality of the sexes. She is best known for her advocacy in domestic violence awareness. Her book, Woman Submit! Christians & Domestic Violence, has been a staple in the library of resources on that subject.  

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