Has the Great Tribulation Begun?

I do not believe we are in what is known as The Great Tribulation/Time of Jacob's Trouble...yet. 

I do not believe the Covid vaccine is the Mark of the Beast

But the stage is set for it. And people are already receiving ultimatums that require moral and spiritual choices. 

Example: As this is being written, people are being ordered to violate their conscience by allowing pharmaceuticals that contain DNA changing materials and aborted fetal cells to be injected into their bodies...or lose their jobs. A moral and religious choice is being set before them. Other choices are similar: take the shot or lose your doctor; take the shot or not be allowed into grocery stores; take the shot, or not be allowed on public transportation; take the shot, or....

But people are not yet being asked to make the conscious choice of worshipping a person as God by allowing themselves to be transformed into creatures that have no hope of salvation...ever. 

What will that entail? Some believe the thing people will be asked to do is allow themselves to transformed from fully human into cyborgs or chimeras (human/machine or human/animal hybrids) as part of the worship of the person the Bible calls the Man of Sin. Once this is done, a mark is then received as confirmation that they have done so. This is known as the Mark of the Beast. 

It makes perfect sense. Could that also be why the Bible calls the Man of Sin a beast, because he is some sort of hybrid himself? No part of this scenario contradicts scripture in any way.

The key idea is, that it will be a conscious choice to reject our Creator, Jesus Christ, by swearing allegiance to a man who demands worship as God and by taking his mark to affirm we have done so. 

The Bible says there will be "pavilions" in strategic places where people can come and worship this man.  Once this "worship" has taken place, it is irreversible. Those people will leave his pavilions, forever changed.  

Right now, the choice is, take the jab or lose your job, or not be able to shop, or not be able to have a bank account. Later, the choice will expand from losing material things to losing eternal souls.

We are not there yet. 

The Great Tribulation has not yet begun. The vaccine is not the Mark of the Beast. But the return of Messiah is close, even at the doors, and only those who belong him will meet him at that great meeting in the air, the harpazo, when he raises the dead first and then catches up the living and changes those who are "in Him," to gather them together with the resurrected ones in the air, to live forever with him.

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