Sunday, April 25, 2021

Jesus Spoke to Me in an Audible Voice


Christians serve a supernatural God. 

Our Bible is a supernatural book. 

So why are God's people surprised when the supernatural happens? 

I have a personal testimony of a dark time in my life, when Jesus gave me supernatural encouragement by speaking to me in an audible voice. 

It was in 2002, and I was living in miserable circumstances of marital abuse, that sometimes escalated into domestic violence

I was desperate for change and afraid for my future. I was in the grip of fear for virtually every aspect of my life, and I couldn't seem to shake it. I was anxious for my happiness. I was anxious for my livelihood. I was anxious for my home. All I could see before me, was a vast expanse of hopelessness. The future looked bleak, and I was terrified.

One morning, while sitting in my recliner, reading my Bible and having my morning coffee with the Lord, the softest audible voice spoke into my left ear. The voice said, “Be not faithless but believing.”

Beyond the incredible peace and immediate comfort that voice gave me, I cannot describe what the voice of Jesus sounded like. But I know it was the voice of Jesus and not that of the Holy Spirit, because the words came straight out of John 20:27, and it was Jesus who spoke them.

Today, almost twenty years later, we know Jesus brought me through that terrible time in my life. None of my fears materialized. My future did not turn out to be bleak. I did not lose my livelihood.  And I did not end up homeless. 

On a daily basis, the Holy Spirit continues to bring me comfort, guidance, and fellowship with my Creator. I hear from God every day through reading his love letters to me. These are found in his written word, the Bible. 

But I will never forget that day in 2002, when Jesus knew I needed something more, and he provided a way I never expected and could never deny. 

Our God is indeed an AWESOME God!

Do you have a testimony of a time God gave you supernatural encouragement? Encourage us with your story by leaving a message in the comments.

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