Who is the Antichrist?

The Man of Sin will not be revealed until the one who restrains is taken out of the way. The indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit in each believer is the one who restrains. All restraint will be gone from this earth with the Resurrection and Harpazo (Rapture). 

Believers go up, and the Fallen Ones all come down, kicked out of the 2nd Heaven. Hell will literally be trapped on earth. Woe to those left behind to face them.  

The Antichrist will emerge. He will come out of the old Assyrian empire (possibly Syria) and will be of Jewish descent. Jesus said the Jews will accept as Messiah an imposter. But they will never accept a non-Jewish imposter. 

He will emerge from obscurity and will likely be seen by the world as Arabic but will have to prove Jewish ancestry before Israel will accept him. Which they will do. 

They will then sign the treaty of death and hell with him. The signing will signal the official beginning of Daniel's 70th week, which is the 7 years immediately preceding the 2nd coming of Christ, i.e., The Great Tribulation. 

Regardless of what nay-saying scholars say. The Man of Sin will be of Jewish descent. We have the testimony of all the prophets foretelling a Jewish Messiah-which the Jews are still looking for. 

We have the testimony of at least two verses in Daniel that identify the Man of Sin as a Jew and of Assyrian descent (possibly Syrian as Syria was part of the old Assyrian empire). 

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