The Six Purposes of Daniel's 70 Weeks: Purpose 6

 Seventy Weeks are determined upon thy people (the Jews) and upon thy holy city (Jerusalem) to...anoint THE Most Holy (Kadosh Kedoshim)

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The singular Hebrew word Kadosh means a holy person, place, or thing, and the plural word Kedoshim means Holy ONES. The two words together, Kadosh Kedoshim, translate literally into “the Holy [person, place, or thing] of the Holy ONES. This is a reference to the Godhead.

קֹ דֶ ש קָ דָ שִׁ ים      

Anoint means to rub oil on, to consecrate. The question is, what or who will be anointed?

In some interlinears, The phrase is rendered as Holiness of Holinesses but, depending upon context can more accurately read one of three ways: The Holy ONE of the Holy ONES. It could also read the Holy Thing of the Holy ONES.  Or it could read the Holy Place of the Holy ONES.  

There are references in scripture, where the Hebrew words Kadosh Kedoshim refer to other things besides the Holy Place of the Holy ONES, known more commonly as the Holy of Holies, which was located in the temple [in Jerusalem]. We see examples of this in Exodus 30:28-30, where the words are applied to the altar and furnishings within the temple. Exodus 30:36 records that the priestly perfume is consecrated to God and set apart to become a Holy Thing of the Holy ONES (“It shall be to you Kadosh Kedoshim [a Holy Thing of the Holy ONES]).

Does Daniel 9:24 refer to the Holy Place of the Holy ONEs, which was located in the temple in Jerusalem …or to the Holy ONE of the Holy ONES…Messiah himself?

Ellicott believed the reference is to Messiah. This writer agrees. He wrote, “Now, from the careful manner in which this and the following verse are connected by the words “Know therefore,” it appears the words “most Holy” are parallel to “Messiah the Prince” [Daniel 9:25], and that they indicate a person.”

A translator of the Syriac version also believed the person of Messiah is referenced in Daniel 9:24 and rendered the words Kadosh Kedoshim as “Messiah the Most Holy.”  

There is good reason to believe that Daniel 9:24 refers to a holy person rather than to a holy place or thing.

Jesus Christ is THE Holy ONE of the Holy ONES.

The anointing of the Holy ONE of the Holy ONES completes our Creator’s six purposes for the seventy weeks. These purposes are for Daniel’s people [the Jews] and for Daniel’s city [Jerusalem]. They are not for the nations. Though whether the purposes are fulfilled or not (which they will be) all nations and the entire earth will be impacted by their fulfillment or lack thereof.

All six purposes of the seventy weeks must be fulfilled before the seventieth week can conclude. Concluding the six purposes, outlined to all of us through the pen of the Prophet Daniel, will be the grand finale of the seventy weeks. Jesus the Messiah is presently our savior, friend, brother, high priest, and captain of the armies of Yahweh. But he has not yet been anointed as the Son of David and reigning King of Israel. A coronation will take place, one that includes consecrating [with the anointing oil] the Holy ONE of the Holy ONES. Just as Jesus, our Creator, submitted to being baptized by John, this writer believes he will also submit to being anointed King of the nation that rejected him twice, once over two thousand years ago, on Passover, and again, seven years before his coming, when they will accept the imposter (John 5:43) and sign the Covenant with Death and Agreement with Hell (Isaiah 28:18).

Let us not forget that Daniel 9:24 is dealing with Daniel’s people (the Jews) and Daniel’s holy city (Jerusalem). God’s people Israel know full well that when Messiah comes, he will be the physical descendant of David and will sit upon the throne of David as the King of Israel. David was promised a dynasty that would never end, and he will get it (2 Samuel 7:16-17).

Israel rejected God from being their king while the prophet Samuel was judge. They re-affirmed this when they rejected Jesus by saying to Pilate, “We have no king but Caesar!”

God authorized Samuel to anoint Saul as King over Israel and after him, David, who was succeeded by some of his descendants. However, the descendant of David who is next in line to succeed to the throne of Israel, is the resurrected man, Christ Jesus, and he has yet to be anointed as King (John 6:15).

Had Jesus been a biological son of Joseph, he would have been disqualified as king. Joseph descended from the line that God said would never see a man succeed to the throne again. But Jesus is not the son of Joseph. He is the biological son of Mary, whose lineage is qualified for succession.

Had he not been arrested and crucified, the people would have attempted to forcibly anoint him as king. That’s where things were headed when he made his entry into Jerusalem riding on a donkey. But he did not permit that to happen at that time. Jesus came the first time, as the Lamb of God, to take away the sins of the world. But when he comes the second time, there will be a coronation.

Jesus, the Holy ONE of the Holy ONES, the one who is already King of kings and Lord of lords, will finally be anointed as King of the Jews. They will anoint him, and he will submit to it, just as he did to the baptism of John. The Nation of Israel will once again [and forever more] have their God reigning over them (2 Samuel 8:7, John 6:15, 19:15, Colossians 2:9).


Seventy weeks have been determined upon the people of Daniel and their holy city (the Jews and Jerusalem) to accomplish six things that will have the effect of saving the earth and all of its inhabitants from total annihilation. All six purposes will be concluded before the end of the final seven years just prior to the 2nd Coming of Jesus back to this earth.


1.       The progression of destruction caused by Israel’s transgression in rejecting her true Messiah will be stopped, else the human race and the earth itself will be destroyed.

2.       On the Day Christ returns, God will rescue his estranged wife, Jewish survivors of the Time of Jacob’s Trouble who did not swear allegiance to the Man of Sin by taking his mark. Israel will then accept her true Messiah and will never again offer a sin offering that denies the Lamb of God.

3.       God, in his mercy will make a proprietary shelter [during the Great Tribulation] to protect his ancient people from their own depravity [in disavowing their true Messiah]. In a political and theocratic move, He will reconcile the nation back to himself. It is important to remember that this is a national reconciliation.

4.       A golden age of everlasting righteousness and world peace will be ushered in and administered through Daniel’s people [the Jews] and from Daniel’s city {Jerusalem], which will become the capitol city of the world. The Prince of Peace will usher in world peace and his government will be administered from Jerusalem. Israel will become planet earth’s head nation.

5.       All vision and prophecy will be closed up, sealed, and stopped…no more itinerant ministries—ever. When God’s kingdom comes, The Word of the Lord will flow only from Jerusalem (Isaiah 2:2-3).

6.       The Kadosh Kedoshim (the Holy ONE of the Holy ONEs) will finally allow himself to be anointed as King of the Jews.

The 69th Week of Daniel ended when the leadership of Israel, followed by the general population, rejected Jesus Christ as both their Savior and their King. At that time, God stopped dealing with Israel as a nation. From the time he created the nation until they rejected his Christ, regardless of what they had done, God had always dealt with them nationally, because God is Israel’s “maker” as well as her husband (Isaiah 43:15, 54:5).

See the introduction to this study for details on Israel and Judah’s marriage and divorce.

Daniel’s people are presently in partial possession of their holy city. Currently, there are parts of Jerusalem the Israelis do not control. The seventieth week is the final seven years immediately prior to the physical and visible return of Jesus back to planet earth. The seventieth week will begin at the signing of Israel’s seven-year Covenant with Death and Agreement with Hell. The Man of Sin will be revealed three and a half years later, when he sets his image in the Holy Place of the Holy ONES and proclaims himself to be God. God’s people, Israel, will then know without a doubt that they are living in the Time of Jacob’s trouble. 

Although the Jewish people are currently in possession of the land of Israel, they still do not have full control over all Jerusalem, or even over the entire land area promised to Abraham. There is a reason they have yet to rebuild their temple and resume the daily sacrifices. Daniel 9:27 tells us the treaty acknowledging Israel’s historic right to offer sacrifices in temple worship, will signal the beginning of Daniel’s seventieth week, which will devolve into the Time of Jacob’s Trouble and culminate in the visible and physical return of Messiah at the Battle of Armageddon.

We are presently living in the gap between the 69th and 70th Weeks. This gap is called, among other things, the Time of “Christ in You.” Jesus is presently building his Ek-klesia, the OUT-CALLED. We are not yet his Bride. At the harpazo, he will CALL us OUT as his Body, but he will return to earth with us as his Bride (see the introduction to this study for details on that).  

It has been over 2000 years since the 69th week concluded. The 70th week will not begin until the Covenant with Death and Agreement with Hell is signed by the Israelis. That will not happen until after God fulfills His purpose for and shifts his focus from his Out-Called Body of Christ and back to national Israel. In order for that to happen, the time of “Christ In You,” must be concluded at the raising of the dead [in Christ] and catching up of the living at the resurrection/rapture (2 Thessalonians 2:6-8).

After the Out-Called are called out, God will once again lift up his countenance upon Israel, and all six purposes for the seventy weeks will find their convergence and conclusion in the seven years immediately preceding the physical and visible return of our Creator to this planet (Ephesians 3:2-4, Colossians 1:26-27, 2 Thessalonians 2:6-7).

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