The Story behind my Song: "Main Street" (It's a true story!)

 My song, "Main Street," is a true story. The characters in the song are real people. 

Among other things, I am a Christian folk artist, and though this song is not overtly "Christian" (no mention of God or Jesus), I believe it was inspired by the Holy Spirit. 

Back story: Every time I would drive through a certain part of Winter Haven, Florida, I would enjoy the surroundings, the lights, the businesses. I would think how cheerful everything looked from the main drag. I would also think how just a few blocks to the west, that lovely, cheerful, facade would give way, very suddenly, to a dark, ugly, and sometimes dangerous, underbelly. 

Living and moving within that underbelly were some remarkably harmless and likeable--even loveable--souls. People who were pleasant to talk to and had capacity to offer wonderful friendship but were prevented by problems most of us distain and would rather not deal with. 

Two of those people are featured in my song, Main Street (not the real name of the street). They were my friends. And I will never forget them. Their absence barely made a ripple in the ebb and flow of Main Street. It was hardly noticed at all. But I noticed. And the Spirit of the Lord moved me to write about it from his perspective, from the perspective of one who remembers and cares about the forgotten ones.  

May our vision never be blinded by our sight
Jocelyn Andersen
"The Storyteller" 

Listen to Main Street 

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