Review of “The Sword” by Elaine Ricker Kelly

 The Sword is a delightful and unifying resource for education and biblical conversation between egalitarian and complementarian Christians. Kudos to Elaine Ricker Kelly for her wonderful concept!

It was a quick and inspiring read and is perfect for anyone interested in cutting away barriers and building one another up in conversation and even friendly debate about women's roles.

The book includes Elaine Kelly's system of 104 flashcards, which provide a simple and entertaining guide in directing the egalitarian/complementarian conversation. The flashcards address opposition without endorsing it. These thought-provoking cards work just as well with individuals as with groups.

CAVEAT: They are excellent for different age groups and work just as well in adult gatherings as with teens or preteens.

Kelly stated her desire was to assist readers in working out their own views about the role of women in the home, church, and society. I believe her simple and engaging work will do just that. She absolutely succeeded in her goal of creating flashcards as a fun way to engage in healthy debate on what the Bible says about women’s roles in the home, church, and society. She did a brilliant job of creating an inspiring and empowering resource that either complementarians or egalitarians can comfortably use in their discussions.

I loved it and whole-heartedly recommend it.

The Sword: A fun way to engage in healthy debate on what the Bible says about a woman’s role: Kelly, Elaine Ricker: 9781738823307: Books

 Elaine R Kelly writes inspirating and empowering fiction and non-fiction. She blogs on biblical equality, biblical interpretation, church history, women leaders, and the Christian feminist movement. 

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