Thursday, November 17, 2022

Rapture Theory has Kidnapped Christianity


Here is a snippet of an email I received: Quote: "The Rapture theory was developed in the 1830s by a young woman named Margaret McDonald, and now it has kidnapped Christianity. In no way does the Scripture ever say there is a rapture." End Quote

It saddens me to read such things. Margaret McDonald did not develop the idea of the rapture. But the propaganda has made such inroads into mainstream Christianity that the "No rapture" theory is fast becoming the norm within the Body of Christ. 

The Bible does teach a rapture. I write about it in my book, REDEMPTION: Bible Prophecy Simplified, A Study of HOPE. Download it for free: Jocelyn Andersen: Free E-book Bible Prophecy Simplified 

 Of course, the real opposition isn't to the fact that there is actually an event we call the rapture, taught in the Bible. The opposition is to belief in the pre-tribulational timing of the event. 

As to the theory that Margaret McDonald was the "mother of the rapture theory," that simply cannot be true for one very good reason--Margaret McDonald did not believe in or teach a pre-tribulational rapture. Todd Strandberg wrote an excellent article addressing that aspect of the debate:
These are the last days, and there is no doubt that Bible Prophecy--especially the biblical doctrine of the rapture--is on trial. It does matter what we believe. And it is important to know why we believe it. The lati-da attitude of "Oh well, we'll all find out one day," is not the attitude the Bible teaches us to have concerning the coming of our Lord. The Bible has much to say about it, Jesus had much to say about it. The rapture is that "Blessed Hope" the Bible speaks of. For those who would like to study this subject further, the book, "Redemption: Bible Prophecy Simplified," explores the subject in detail, using lots of scripture. 

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