Hypotasso also means arrayed "With" or "BESIDE"

 Hypotasso: Scholars Omit Two Crucial Definitions of the Word


 Two definitions of the Greek word "hypotassō," almost always translated as "submit" in the New Testament, would bring unity and healing to the Body of Christ by shedding the light of truth on a contentious and divisive subject... if they were included in Christian study resources
But these definitions though clearly seen within the context of scripture, are conspicuously absent from the scholarly record. 
   Hiearchical-English-translation-theology owns the field when it comes to the Greek word "hypo"--G5259 [pronounced hupo], from which the compound words hypotassō [Koine TR as seen in Strong's] and hupotassetai [as seen in Scrivner TR] are derived.  
   Both words are essentially the same and defined as arrayed "under" [hypo] by James Strong [G5293]. 
   Context reveals that "hypo"--G5259, can also mean over [2 Cor 2:11], or beside [Hebrews 1:3 ...and in Koine manuscripts, 2 Peter 2:5]. but it appears that Bible scholars and commentators do not want Christian laypeople to know this.
   The hierarchical applecart would certainly be upset if lay-Christians understood that the New Testament does not teach political or military-like hierarchy within the Body of Christ.
   James Strong, created an extraordinary work with his exhaustive concordance, but also exhibited extraordinary bias in some of his definitions, G5259-hypo being just one example. 
   Though we appreciate and use his work, we do this understanding his human frailties and biases. Strong's concordance erroneously perpetuates the unscriptural "clergy-over-laity" paradigm that, in Revelation 2:6, God says he hates. And one glaring example of this is his neglect to include the other two scriptural meanings of the word hypo-G5259, and this despite the fact he lists the scripture passages in which they are found. So we know he was aware of them.
   In this, whether intentional or not, James Strong has done a great dis-service to Bible scholars, students, and all Christians who depend heavily on his work for biblical understanding.

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