If there is hierarchy within the Godhead: Jesus is at the top

  Wherefore the God also has highly exalted him and granted to him a name which is above every name [1]

Philippians 2:9

[1] (Philippians 2:9) The term, Ho Theos [the God] always refers to the Godhead/YHWH (of which all the fullness resides in Jesus in physical form). Within the eternal councils of the Godhead it is agreed that the mortal Christ Jesus—YHWH Yeshuawould forever be exalted as the highest power in existence. All other powers [excluding the Godhead], both good and evil, are **surrendered to Jesus. If there is any hierarchy within the Godhead, which there is not, YHWH Yeshua would be at the top.

**See commentary on Revelation1:1 for translation of the Greek word, didomi (Strong’s G1325).

This is an excerpt from The Hungry Hearts Bible Commentary edited by this author.

 Author and speaker, Jocelyn Andersen, is an eclectic Christian writer. She is a Bible teacher who writes about many subjects including Bible prophecy and equality of the sexes. She is best known for her advocacy in domestic violence awareness. Her book, Woman Submit! Christians & Domestic Violence, has been a staple in the library of resources on that subject.  

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