The Bible Permits Divorce for Non-physical Domestic Abuse


At a time when Evangelicals are declaring the Bible does not allow divorce for physical abuse, Waneta Dawn, author of Behind the Hedge, A novel dealing with abuse in a Christian family, is declaring that non-physical domestic abuse breaks the marriage covenant, and if not repented of and permanently discontinued, is severe enough to permit Christians to divorce biblically.

A survivor of abuse herself and former facilitator for a batterers intervention program [dealing with male abusers through the Department of Corrections], Waneta Dawn understands the dynamics of abuse from both personal and professional experience and has crafted a story that powerfully illustrates how an abuser’s pattern of power, control, and entitlement sinfully permeates the fabric of his family’s life, and seriously damages the mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health of each member. 

Fiction lovers, this book is for you, especially if you love page-turning, character driven, stories!

Behind the Hedge, shatters the myth that one incident of physical abuse is an unusual or isolated, knee-jerk, behavior sparked by some fault or act of the victim. This view is extremely dangerous to all who are involved in or are exposed to the abuse, that includes the abuser, the victim, and their children who witness, and are victims of, the behavior, and who may choose to adopt attitudes and beliefs that will justify tolerating abuse or the mistreatment of women and girls. 

Behind the Hedge, follows Yvette, a hard-working farmwife, as she grapples with the meaning and application of biblical submission to her husband, struggles to align her beliefs and behavior with God’s word, endeavors to correct the misbeliefs and warped attitudes of their teenaged sons, and patiently offers security to her fearful six-year-old daughter. 

While Yvette craves warmth and love in her marriage, her husband, Luke, uses bad theology and scripture abuse to force compliance from his wife and children. As Yvette learns the truth that sets her free, she changes how she relates to her husband and offers an opportunity for redemption.

This is a beautiful and compelling story that beyond its powerful educational and redemptive message, is simply a great read!

 Behind the Hedge, A novel, is an excellent resource in domestic violence awareness and learning to respond biblically and compassionately to the very urgent issue of domestic abuse among Christians. 


Waneta Dawn is available for comment. She can be contacted through her website at: 

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