Why Do I Believe in God?

 What is the hope that is in Me? Why do I believe the gospel, the good news that Jesus is real and that he lived, died, and rose from the dead? Why do I have hope that I too will be raised from the dead, and that Jesus will come again to this earth and bring peace to it?

   Why do I believe, aside from the fact that he revealed himself to me with such awesome clarity, that I cannot deny him, aside from the fact that I have received countless answers to prayers for myself and others, aside from the fact that I have received healing after healing and amazing provision, according to his good promises, and even miracles at his mighty hand [read about my miracle ]? I have experienced all these things. I can attest that they are true. 
   But aside from my own amazing personal experiences, what objective proof do I have that God is real?
   After God revealed himself to me in a BIG way, he began confirming my personal experiences with him. He did this through his Word, which I began reading every day since 1981. The Bible is where I learned about my Creator, where he invited me to put him to the test, and taught me how to do that.   
   Through his Holy Spirit, through his written Word, and through people, and circumstances, and even trials in my life, my Father in Heaven held on to me as I began taking baby-steps in faith, as I learned how to walk, and finally to run. He patiently taught me and raised me up in faith, to the point, that in a time of acute danger and physical injury, I could hold on to his faithfulness and experience a breathtaking miracle.
      My God and his written Word, have withstood the years of testing in my life, decades of reading, questioning, researching, and studying. I can attest to the astounding power of the living Word of God to bring passion and purpose into my life. 
   Historians, archeologists, geologists, biologist, physicists, astrophysicists, astronomers, and more, attest also, to the accuracy of the Holy Bible. To date, no historical or scientific discovery has discounted the Bible, but rather, every single one affirms it.   
  Historically, there is more evidence for the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ than for any other ancient person or event. 
   The biblical prophets are batting a thousand. Bible prophecy is one of God's great signs that he is real. He has yet to be proven wrong. Things God revealed through his ancient prophets for their day were fulfilled with amazing accuracy. Some of his prophets spoke of things to come in the far distant future. The accuracy, to date, of God's prophets is good reason to believe that he is real and that his Bible is true. 
   For his children, for those who choose to belong to him, that is very good news.
   He promises Eternal Life. He promises help and hope for the present. He promises to come again to raise the dead, to change and catch up the living, and to finally bring peace to the earth. He promises a spectacular future for all who love him.  
   That is my blessed hope.   
   Do I write this from a position of privilege and absence of adversity, where life has always been easy for me? No. I have experienced much adversity--devastating adversity. But God has always been faithful. People have crushed and disappointed me, but God has never let me down.
   Yes, I believe in God. 
   I love HIM. I walk with HIM. I talk with HIM...And HE is always with me.

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