Friday, June 09, 2017

U.N. Agenda 21 & President Donald Trump's Infrastructure Initiative

   Everyone should cheer President Trumps infrastructure initiative that will create jobs, improve commerce, and insure continuation of our wonderful freedom to travel most anywhere we want in this awesome country of ours.   
      Not everyone wants these things for Americans. And that is why the United States signed on to U.N. Agenda 21 during a globalist presidency some years back.
   United Nations Agenda 21, implements their globalist plan in our American communities, through a rural redevelopment program, called the "International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives--ICLEI."
   ICLEI is an urban redevelopment initiative with catastrophic potential.
   Unknown to many Americans, their towns and cities may have already adopted and implemented ICLEI, which calls for re-development of the cities and urban areas (which can adversely affect commerce, transportation, housing, individual home and car ownership, etc..), and, among other things, the complete cessation of road maintenance in some rural areas. This will naturally result in the eventual cessation (in non-maintained areas) of Federal, State, and County services such as mail delivery, trash pick-up, etc..  
   Life will change dramatically--for the worst--for those with the misfortune to live in areas affected by ICLEI's redevelopment programs. Some may be forced to give up rural living altogether and move into the cities and towns (which is the ultimate goal of Agenda 21--to concentrate populations, thereby, making them easier to surveil and control).
   Ann Bressington, an Australian politician, said of U.N. Agenda 21, "We are all in trouble, and we should all get together on this."
   President Trump's infrastructure initiative is a big step in right direction, and he should be encouraged to go the distance by officially withdrawing the U.S. from participation in U.N. Agenda 21 altogether.
   Rosa Koire's book, Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21, is the best reading I have found on the subject to date. It is a fascinating read, meticulously researched, loaded with real-life local examples, easy to read and understand, totally riveting, and eye-opening. Her credibility and credentials for writing on the subject are impeccable.
    Rosa is a liberal feminist, and while she I may not share the same perspectives on some issues, I am happy to link arms and co-beligerate together with her on the issue of U.N. Agenda 21--an agenda that is designed to steal freedom, prosperity, and personal autonomy from the lives of all Americans.
   President Donald Trump talked about his Infrastructure Initiative in Ohio, in June of 2017. His words bring hope to many Americans for the future of our country--for prosperity, for freedom, for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Girls are Different from Guys: Where Angels Play

   Differences do not threaten equality between the sexes, and the conservative feminist recognizes and celebrates differences between women and men. 
   Take for instance, the truck driver, Dianne Lively, who felt she was delivering the most special load of her life when she picked up a playground donated by, “Where Angels Play Foundation,” dedicated to the memory of little Ryanne Cara. 
   Lively was profoundly moved to be a small part of honoring the memory of a little girl’s life. And she felt privileged to be a part of the wonderful work of, “Where Angels Play Foundation,” in delivering Ryanne Cara's memorial playground. 
   She called a florist and arranged for balloons and ribbons to be delivered to a truck stop not far from the playground location. She contacted her broker and explained there would be a short delay while she stopped to decorate the truck before delivery. 
   The broker then called his contact at, “Where Angels Play,” and told them what she was up to. 
   This resulted in a last minute, quickly assembled--but very special--welcome, for the truck driver at the playground location, where a group was waiting to assemble and dedicate the playground. 
   Ryanne Cara's parents were there. The woman expecting in the picture below is her mother. 
   After she arrived, Lively was told that she was the only truck driver to ever decorate a truck for  playground delivery. They were so touched by extra effort she put into  celebrating Ryanne Cara's life and the delivery of the memorial playground, they made her an honorary member of the Foundation!
    Many, if not most, behaviors defined as “feminine” or “masculine” are culturally developed and deeply--but artificially--ingrained. The conservative feminist understands this. But what truck driver, Dianne Lively, did, was a uniquely female thing. 
   Men do wonderful things as well. Things that could be understood to be uniquely male things, and this writer has every intention of writing about them as they come to her attention. But few would argue that it simply would not occur to most males--truckers at that--to call a florist,  then drive down the highway with balloons and ribbons fluttering from their trucks. 
   The evidence of this lies in the fact that numerous "Where Angels Play" playgrounds have been delivered by male truck drivers--most of them in fact--and not one playground was delivered with balloons and ribbons decorating the big-rig.
   Until Dianne Lively made her entrance. 
   What Lively did was special. It touched the hearts of Ryanne Cara's parents and all the others who awaited the delivery of a playground that, in the memory of one precious little girl whose life was far too short. would bring joy to many children.

Friday, May 12, 2017

The Conservative Feminist

   I have changed the name of my blog to, THE CONSERVATIVE FEMINIST, because that is what I am, and there are many others like me. Our numbers increase daily. We have been laughed to scorn and told that conservatives cannot be feminists.
   But we know better. 
Stay tuned. More coming....

Friday, November 04, 2016

Such is Life

Yes, I voted for Donald Trump in the early voting. Such is life. I do not believe he is dangerous and I am absolutely convinced of his sincere love for this country as well as his competence to run it. I am also as relieved as everyone else to have this election season  almost behind us. 

Life goes on, regardless of the outcome. 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Difference Between a Feminist and a Radical Feminist

    Do we recognize the difference between Muslims who seek to peacefully practice their Islamic faith and those referred to as "radical Islamists" who rape, pillage, behead, crucify, burn people alive, murder, maim, and in general seek to subdue the world for their own cruel purposes? 
  I do, and I believe it is high time that Christians and conservatives acknowledge that there also exists a difference between those who call themselves feminists (as I call myself) and those who should only be referred "radical feminists." 
   Feminists advocate from a position of compassion in working for functional equality of the sexes and towards the worthy goal of girls and women enjoying true equity with boys and men--in every sphere of life--but it stops there. Feminists do not seek preferential treatment or superior advantage for women over men. 
   Feminists honor human life, and do not need to trample on the lives and Constitutional Rights of others in order to achieve the functional and Constitutional equality they seek and deserve.
   Radical feminists, on the other hand, seem to operate from a position of selfcenteredness, fear of and hatred towards men, and do not honor the lives of pre-born babies. Nor do they honor the Constitutional and Civil rights of those who disagree with them concerning their radical agenda. Therein lies the difference between the two.
   Feminism honors and affirms life. Radical feminism does not.

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

A call to Conservative's to stop labeling anti-family pro-abortion supporters as "THE FEMINISTS"

Feminism a cult as defined [by men] in 1931  

I am issuing a call to all conservatives who value equality--especially those who have media platforms--to refrain from equating anti-family and pro-death platforms with feminism.

 Just as all pro-family and pro-life supporters do not support equality of the sexes, all who support abortion and anti-family agendas are not feminists.

Feminism, from the beginning, has been simply defined as advocating for women full equality with men in all things. 

Of course, historically, the very idea was bizarre and outlandish to many and--most importantly--defined by men who unequivocally opposed the very idea of the sexes being equal in any way (women did not write and publish dictionaries at that time, nor did they have a say in what went into them) .  

The oldest dictionary this writer owns is the 1931 Universities Webster Dictionary which does not contain the word feminist at all but does libel feminism as a "cult."  

Regardless of its actual meaning, most people associate the word "cult" with evil, oppressive, dangerous, and false. 

That is the biased connotation deliberately infused into and associated with the the word feminism from the very beginning by those who opposed the premise--prejudice at its finest. 

One pro-family, 19th century, feminist claimed that had she known in advance of the fierce persecution she would endure because of her activism for the full equality of men and women, it is doubtful she would have begun her advocacy in the first place.

By 1943, in some circles, feminism had been upgraded, somewhat, from a "cult" to a "doctrine." 

The word "feminist" finally appears in a dictionary and is defined simply as: "One who advocates feminism."

 In 1955, Webster's continues its hateful narrative and stubbornly discriminates against the idea of equality of the sexes with their "cult" disinformation. (Webster's Complete Unabridged).
Keeping in mind that the word feminism was originally defined by men who opposed any semblance of equality of the sexes, it must be noted that the word was deliberately biased, from the beginning, with a hateful connotation that it does not in reality possess. 

"THE FEMINISTS" narrative is pure propaganda that has been bought into--almost wholesale--even by those who support equality of the sexes.

It is time to stop perpetuating the lie (even unwittingly) that equality is evil. 

An open and objective conversation about equality for women and men is impossible when the very words "FEMINISM" and "FEMINISTS" (words that mean nothing more than advocacy for full equality of men and women) are constantly used as a synonyms for every evil agenda under the sun.

When speaking of the pro-abortion issue, I implore equality loving, pro-life, media commentators and reporters to call them for what they are, pro-abortion supporters--not "THE FEMINISTS." When speaking of the gay marriage issue, I implore pro-family advocates with public platforms to please call them for what they are, gay marriage supporters--not "THE FEMINISTS." 

Conservatives who have pubic platforms and large followings, I implore you to please stop referring to those in the political far left collectively as "THE FEMINISTS. When you do this, you effectively lump all supporters of full equality between women and men (including those of us who are pro-life and pro-family) in bed together, jointly promoting an anti-life anti-family agenda, when that is not the case and could not be further from the truth.

Feminism is not evil. Equality is good. Feminists are not evil. Equality is good.

The practice of conservatives (even by those who support equality) of re-defining the pro-abortion and anti-family far left democratic platform as a FEMINIST agenda perpetuates an utterly false narrative.  

Equality of the sexes is not evil. Inequality of the sexes is evil, and has been the cause of human suffering throughout the history of the world.

What is a feminist? One who supports the full equality of women and men and advocates for feminism, which is the practice of those who advocate for full equality of men and women. 

Equality is a good thing!

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Why I am voting for Donald Trump in November

Ever since I voted for Ted Cruz in the Florida Closed Primaries (which I would like to see opened), I have wondered why I didn't just go ahead and vote for Donald Trump from the get-go. 

My husband did. 

I secretly wanted to. But I caved to the propaganda and  shaming tactics of the left in painting--with a very insulting broad brush--all Trump supporters as ignorant, uneducated, and ill-informed, along with the unsubstantiated-oft-repeated-lie that Donald Trump is a dangerous man--not true. 

So I admit it. I listened to the propaganda that he was dangerous and chose the safer route [I thought] by voting for Cruz. I allowed myself to be frightened into not voting for Trump in the Florida Primaries, but heaved a deep sigh of relief and celebrated along with the rest of his supporters when he won Florida anyway!

I probably possess enough college credits to claim an associates degree, but two years shy of a bachelor's degree, gasp! I do not hold a college degree. 

Gasp again! I never plan to. 

Yes, I'm a college drop-out and a self-educated woman. I am not ashamed of that. In fact, I am quite proud of where (with God's help) I have brought myself compared to where I began. And along with myself, all those without college degrees and those who are blue collar working Americans should be incensed at the disdain with which the democratic socialist left (both the media and the politicians they support) hold the hard working conservatives--the back bone of this country--of the United States.  

Enough said along those lines.

I am not voting for Donald Trump because I believe he is the lesser of two evils. I do not believe he is evil. I believe he is the best person for the job.

I am not voting for Donald Trump because I am ill-informed on the issues. I am more informed than your average Jane. 

I am not voting for Donald Trump because I am uneducated. I am well educated.

I am voting for Donald Trump because I believe he is the man of the hour for our country. I believe he is genuine and competent. I believe he will continue to surround himself with awesome advisors as he has done from the beginning. 

I believe he will bring jobs back to this country. That is so important. We need work. We need income. We need opportunities in order to be able to realize our dreams.

I believe he will do what it takes to keep the people of this country as safe as possible from terrorism.

I do not believe Donald Trump is a loose canon. No one builds the kind of business empire he has built by being unstable. No one raises the kinds of children he has raised by being an unstable or uncaring person. Both his business success and his accomplished children are testaments to his stability and compassion.

I do not believe Donald Trump is sexist--his business record in hiring and promoting women, along with being supportive of the mothers he employs, proves that. 

I am a woman who supports the Equal Rights Amendment, and I am confident that a President Trump will be good for women as well as for men. I am not a one-issue voter. I have three sons and three grandsons who need a bright future right along with their sisters and cousins--my five grand-daughters. 

I will not throw any of their futures under the bus by voting the "woman-ticket" in this or any other election. 

These are the reasons I am voting for Donald Trump (along with others on the ticket who will support his policies) in November.