Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Jesus: God of the Burning Bush!

Is Jesus a submissive god-son to an all-powerful God-Father? Is the Holy Spirit given lip-service to being God, but really stuck somewhere in the middle or at the bottom of the Father/Son hierarchy, doing the bidding of both? Did Jesus become the Son of God when he was born, or has he always been God’s son? Why does that matter? Is there hierarchy within the Godhead? These questions and more are answered in this short but powerful book! 

Jesus: God of the Burning Bush, Eternal Father & Beloved Son (paperback)

Jesus: God of the Burning Bush, Eternal Father & Beloved Son (ebook)

Saturday, September 14, 2019

The Bible Says Women Should be PROMINENT in God's Church

The Bible calls daughters "cornerstones" and not "pillars. The difference between the two is functional equality.
The Church of Jesus Christ has many cornerstones, and in Psalm 144:12, daughters are identified as cornerstones.[1] The Hebrew word translated cornerstone in Psalm 144:12, zaviyth, is derived from another Hebrew word, ziv, meaning bright or prominent. 

Prominent persons among God’s people are generally considered leaders, and the Hebrew text that underlies the King James Version identifies women as being included among prominent leaders (cornerstones) who contribute to the adding to, nourishing, edifying, and unifying of the living stones which comprise God’s building.[2]  

In critical and eclectic text Bible translations, a different Hebrew text from that which under-girds the Authorized Version is often used that obliterates the meaning of Psalm 144:12 by changing the word cornerstone to “pillar,” a word which aligns nicely with gender-biased-English-translation-help meet-theology and regulates women to strictly support positions within the home and church. But if Jesus’ position of kephale of the corner has to do with the building, nourishing, edifying, and unifying of His Church—which it does—then every cornerstone in the building has the same function. But like the pyramid [which has many cornerstones but only one chief cornerstone (the capstone)], God’s building also has only one primary angle [cornerstone], only one kephale of the corner, and that is Jesus Christ Himself, the Chief Corner Stone.  

[1] Psalm 144:12, “That our sons may be as plants grown up in their youth that our daughters may be as corner stones polished after the similitude of a palace….”

[2] The CBMW teaches that the one of the criteria for disqualifying women from leadership is prominence, yet the Bible says women will be prominent and gives many examples of prominent Biblical women. [4/15/2010]

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Jesus and Science Confirm Goldilocks Planet Earth is "Home-World" of the Universe

And this Good News of The Kingdom shall be preached in all the home-[world][1] for a witness to all nations and after that the finish shall come 
Matthew 24:14

[1] Jesus referenced the uniqueness of earth [and its human inhabitants] when he referred to our special planet as the “home-world.” 
   This is significant, because a popular theory among evolutionists is the teaching that there are other planets like earth (other habitable zones in the universe) and that humans are simply highly evolved primates, no more special than the animals.
   But Jesus set our planet apart by referring to it as oikoumene. The first part of the Greek word used in Matthew 24:14, is “oikoumeaning “home.” Yet scholars consistently ignore this part of the word, leaving it untranslated, as if it is insignificant. But as we shall see, it is not. 
   The word translated as "world" in Matthew 24:14 actually means “home-world.” And this appears to befuddle biblical scholars. Nevertheless, James Strong took an educated [though misguided] guess concerning the biblical usage of oikoumene. And in doing so, ignored the "home" part altogether. 
   Translating the word "home" [which is actually present in the Greek text], we see a more accurate translation for oikoumene is “home”-world, and not simply "world." 
   This is significant as humans really are  special [created in the image of God] and so is our [Goldilocks] planet, which was created to support life and most especially human life.
    Many scientists admit to confusion as they theorize [using other models besides creation by a loving Creator] as to why planet earth appears to be fine-tuned for life.

   In Matthew 24:14, Jesus differentiates earth from all other planets by calling it the “home”-world.    

In all the vast universe, there is only one home-world, and that is planet earth.