April 22, 2021
Why Our Prayers May Not Get Answered (37 min)

Why I believe in God

...  How Can I be Saved?  ...

Jocelyn's Christian Testimony

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Addiction Recovery / Emotional Healing / Extreme Discipleship

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Receiving forgiveness and staying safe while forgiving (9min) 

7 Steps 5 Principles to Freedom (9 min RECOVERY)


 BIBLE PROPHECY  (Click book cover to buy from Amazon)

Bible Prophecy Study Jocelyn did for Walk with Christ Radio (57 min)

Jocelyn Interviews Bible Prophecy Author Terry James (54 min) 

 The Kingdom of God: Three Phases (7 min)

Midnight Cry (8 min)

Revelation 1:1 (8 min)
Revelation 1:3 (7 min)
Revelation 1:4 p-1 (8 min)
Revelation 1:4 p-2 (7 min)
Revelation 1:4 p-3 (8 min)
Revelation 1:5 (8 min)

Who are the 144,000 (6 min)

Will the Age of Grace End? (17 min)

Christian Growth

Why am I not growing in the Lord? (6 min)

Deeper relationship with our creator (1 min)

Microwave Faith (3 min)

Add to Your Faith 1 (10 min)

Add to Your Faith 2 (28 min) 

Add to Your Faith 3  (28 min)

Add to Your Faith 4 (28 min)

Add to Your Faith 5 (28 min)

Add to Your Faith 6 (4 min)



Listen to Jocelyn read the first chapter  ... (Click book cover to buy from Amazon)



Get that Restraining order! (3 min) 

If We Choose to Stay....(4 min)


Jocelyn's interview on Impact Radio USA (32 min)

Jocelyn's Interview on Top Shelf Books (1 hr)  

Jocelyn's interview with Leslie Biship-Joe ()



When We Get Sick (4 min)

Infirmity: Let's Talk About It! (3 min)

Spiritual-Physical Connection with Health & Healing (12 min)



Not Robbery (8 min)



What is a Leader? (8 min) 



How widely diverse Believers can and must practice love and unity  (22 min)

How to meditate (10 min)

 How to Know the Will of God (5 min)
Translator Supplements & Phil 1:1-2 (7 min)

Predestination (7 min)

Unity Not uniformity (2 min)

Vibrant Unity without Rote Uniformity (2 min)

DEBT (9 min) 

The Bible is an Idol! (4 min)



All of these stream on Hungry Hearts Radio, a 24/7 Bible-Talk Christian Radio Station 
August 19, 2021 Faith: Gotta Have it. How to get it (47 min)
April 22, 2021 Why Prayers May Not Get Answered  (37 min)
March 11, 2021     Does the Bible Command us to Love EVERYONE? ?  (48 min)
March 4, 2021       Sorrow & Loss  (18 min)
Feb 18, 2021         Sin, Sickness, & Mercy (41 min)
Feb 11, 2021         God's Workforce & Compensation Plan  (29 min)
January 2021         Spiritual Warfare & Christian Growth (15 min)
January 19, 2021  Things to Consider Before Giving  (40 min)
January 14, 2021   Need Faith? (40 min)


Songs (written and/or sung by Jocelyn)

 Amazing Grace (9 min)

Be Still My Soul (4 min)
Bound for the Promised Land (3 min)
Go Down Jesus (2 min)
Holy Holy Holy (3 min)

Main Street (Written by Jocelyn: Based on true story)

My Little Mystery (Written by Jocelyn)
Rock of Ages (3 min)

There was a Miracle There (Written by Jocelyn: True story) 

Till Jesus Came (Written by Jocelyn)

Up From the Wilderness (Written by Jocelyn)
Wayfaring Stranger (sang back up only on this one) (8 min) 

When Jesus Tells You So (Written by Jocelyn)
When They Ring Those Golden Bells (9 min)

What do you have need of? (Written by Jocelyn)
Will You be There? (Written by Jocelyn

Will the Angels Put You My Arms (Written by Jocelyn for her baby, who lived for only one day) 


Spiritual Warfare & Armor of God

Intro to Armor of God Study (30 min) 

BT Armor of God Overview (28 min)
Know your enemy BT p-2 (28 min)
What is Truth? BT p-3 (29 min)
Breastplate of Righteousness BT p-4 (25 min)
Breastplate of Righteousness (7 min)
Ephesians 6:14 (7 min)



A word from Jocelyn about the book (1 min) Click book cover to buy from Amazon 


Prayer to end Patriarchy (2 min)


Ezer Neged (Gen 2:18) (5 min) 

"Feminist" Agenda (11 min) 

Who Should Women Obey?  (7 min)

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The Cult of Complementarianism (30 min) 

 The Complementarian Heaven on Earth (31 min)

The Gender-Biased English-translation-theology of Complementarianism (29 min)

A Woman is a Nobody (7 min)

Cosmic "Role"-Play (14 min)

Emotional Abuse and our Faith (30 min)

Feminization of the Church (30 min)

Gender biased English Translation Theology (29 min)

John Piper in the Bedroom (30 min) 

Spiritual Abuse (30 min) 

When Sparrows Fall (30 min) 

How Patriarchy Destroys the Dignity & Personhood of Women (34 min)

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