My Statement of Life


 I belong to Jesus Christ body and soul. He is my first and only allegiance. His written Word, the Bible, is what I live and die by. 

I make a difference between English translation theology and what the Scriptures actually say, so I carefully compare any translation with the original languages. 

I Believe the Scriptures present a standard of living for all who profess Christ, and I will not compromise on that, but I have no interest in "Christianizing" non-believers by imposing biblical standards, in which they may have no personal convictions, upon their personal lives. 

Rather, I strive to live as an example of Christ in such a way that the weary may see that in Him hope, eternal life, rest, and peace can be found. In that, I confess I often fail miserably. 

I draw a line between living faith and dead religion, and do not feel inclined to be diplomatic with those who claim the scriptures as their authority but with their words and actions show little to no regard for them. 

I do believe the words of Christ Himself when he said that He is the only way, the only truth, and the only life, and that no one comes to the Father but by way of Him

I affirm and support human rights for all regardless of sex, gender, or sexual orientation--whether or not I agree with the way they may choose to live their lives. 

The example of Christ gives me the freedom to love people whether or not I agree with all of their choices. I abhor hatred and prejudice in all its despicable forms.  

Concerning abortion, I am pro-life. I consider abortion the taking of a human life and oppose it except in cases where a clear choice must be made between the life of the unborn child and the life of the mother.

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