Christian response to unwed motherhood

How many times have we heard disparaging words spoken against large families being born to unwed mothers, or against unwed fathers having multiple children by multiple mothers (but we know most of the time hard words are aimed at the mothers)? 

How can we forget that God knew every one of us before we were conceived, regardless of the circumstances of our conception? We were all known and planned by God from before the foundation of the earth.  

Because of this, we should never utter those hateful words, that all of us have heard so often about unwed mothers, "Doesn't she know where babies come from?" 

Babies come from the heart of God. He knows each one of us before we are ever formed in our mother's wombs. 

Can we say of anyone that our Creator did not know them before they were conceived? Did he not have a plan for their lives as well as for ours? 

The parents might have lived less than righteous lives. And their children and society might pay a price for it. After we are born, whether to married or unmarried parents, we might or might not live righteous lives. But the conception of NO ONE is an "accident." 

Motherhood should be honored and protected. And that isn't done by hanging scarlet letters around the necks of unwed mothers. And I'm talking to churches here. Embrace the motherhood of even unwed mothers. Love those expectant mothers. Stop looking down our noses at them. Christian response to unwed motherhood is to reach out to and embrace those mothers. 

Loving and accepting unwed mothers does not mean that immoral behavior is encouraged or condoned. But once a child is conceived, the time for censure is over, and the time for loving community becomes paramount. These mothers must be embraced and shown the love of God. They will be much more inclined to serve a Savior whose love and compassion is demonstrated by those who claim to belong to him. 

Every birth should be celebrated. Think of the wonderful difference that can be made in the lives of unwed mothers and their children when we accept their impending motherhood with open arms and offer love and practical assistance as they wait and prepare for the joyful birth of their child.

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