What the Godhead, Native Americans, & Raelians have in Common

All three of the major names/titles of God, YHWH, ADONAI, and ELOHIM are plural. An interesting but little-talked-about-fact in Christian circles is that the Hebrew word ELOHIM is not only plural but also lacks a singular gender assignment. 

ELOHIM is both masculine and feminine (more about these designations later in the article). And Elohim/elohim means “Those who come from the skies.” Sky People. 

Scripture agrees with First Nations oral tradition [and with Raëlism] that Elohim/elohim (ELOHIM the Creator / and elohim the angels) are "Sky People," those who come from the heavens—the skies

There are numerous biblical references to this.

Gender Designations Within the Godhead

It is not unbiblical or heretical to admit that The Godhead—God (YHWH, ADONAI, ELOHIM) is portrayed as consisting of both masculine and feminine. The masculine Father, the male Son, and the feminine/neuter Holy Spirit. 

Although the Bible states that God is not a man [human], the Father is unarguably presented in the masculine gender (as opposed to the male sex). 

The Son is undisputedly male (food for thought: Yeshua is The Everlasting Father Isaiah 9:6. Jesus is the Almighty, which means that Jesus is God). 

In the Hebrew text, the [Rûaḥ] Holy Spirit is always referred in the feminine. Shockingly, the Hebrew text always represents the Holy Spirit as a She. 

In the Greek, the Holy Spirit is never referred to in the masculine but rather in the neuter. It is, what this writer calls, gender-biased-English-translation-theology that transforms the feminine Rûaḥ and the neuter Pneuma (the Holy Spirit) into a non-existent and deceptive masculine. 

There is a difference between male and female and masculine and feminine. The one describes biological sex, while the other describes gender. Sex and gender are not synonymous. This writer does not generally agree with societal and cultural definitions of masculine or feminine. 

It is patriarchal gender-biased-English-translation-theology that transforms THE CREATOR, ELOHIM, into a gender-fluid, transgender Being, by assigning incorrect and deceptive pronouns to the Holy Spirit...who is YHWHELOHIM, ADONAI. 


Raëlism holds that the correct meaning of the word elohim, is "those who come from the sky." Scripture agrees with this. YHWH [ADONAI, ELOHIM], certainly does “come from the heavens the sky.” 

Traditional understandings of the word, elohim, are indeed in error. And this despite the fact that the context of the biblical texts confirms this.

As previously stated, like all three of the major names/titles for The Most High God, the word ELOHIM is plural. In the Hebrew, the word is often used to denote the plural Godhead, but biblical usage also includes lesser gods, such as angels/fallen angels.

First Nations oral tradition aligns perfectly with the Genesis six narrative about fallen angels (sky people [elohim]). Their oral tradition also confirms a relationship between First Nations people and YHWH, THE CREATOR. Chief Joseph RiverWind (a First Nations Christian pastor) writes about this in his excellent book, That’s what the Old One’s Say: Pre-Colonial Revelations of God to Native America

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