I could not afford to buy a car: And my God showed me just what he could do!

It was 1992. I was a single mom with three sons aged 12 to 17, and I needed a car. The only problem was, I didn't have money to pay cash for a car, and I could not afford a car payment. 

But I had a plan.

A local church was having their annual fundraising auction, and, that year, someone had donated a car! My name was on that car. I knew it. It was "my" car. 

I fully expected to buy it for $100 (all I had) or less. I knew it was worth more, but I also knew my Redeemer lived and he could do anything. If he wanted to, my God could get me that car for $100 or less. And I was convinced he would.

Auction day finally arrived. I tucked $100 cash into my pocket and headed to the church gymnasium (where the auction always took place). I took a seat in the bleachers and waited for the bidding to start. 

It took a while for the bidding on "my" car to begin, but when it did, I was devastated. The church started the bidding for it at $800, and all I had was $100. The car wasn't fancy, but even so, at $800, I knew it was a steal. So, I was surprised when no one bid on it. 

I still had hope. So, just to make sure they wouldn't change their minds and offer the car at a lower price, I stayed till the auction was officially over. Then dispiritedly made my way off the bleachers and out of the building. 

Outside, I walked through the parking lot and, with a sigh, ambled past "my" car for one last look. There was a man standing next to the car. He asked if I wanted to buy it. I explained my predicament, and he asked what kind of payments I could afford. I gave him a ridiculously low figure.  

He held out his hand and said, "Deal! I'll take your $100 down. You come to my office tomorrow, and we'll do the paperwork." We shook on it, and the next day the car was mine.

My plan wasn't God's plan, but the inspiration for it was. My plan got me in the right place at the right time for God's plan to click into place and come to fruition. 

What a Mighty God we serve! 

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