Gender-Biased-English Translation-Theology

 Gender-Biased-English Translation-Theology: As in every chapter of every Bible [to a lesser or greater degree depending on translation], 2 Corinthians 10 also has instances of gender-biased-English-translation-theology. These can be overt, but in this chapter are covert, subliminally elevating the male sex over female. One of the most common covert instances is where all people are referred to as either "he, him, or himself," where no such designation can be justified in either/or the text or the context. This happens nine times in 2 Corinthians chapter ten.

This is important to note, because women are not men and should not be referred to as such. Women should be referred to as womensheher, or herself, and mixed crowds should be referred to as theythemthemselves, or people, and not as "he, him, himself, or men." 

Because of The Fall, all languages are androcentric (male-centered), including English, but it is time to stop translating ancient sacred texts in such a way, when we know better. Semantics are important as language informs attitudes. 

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