Jerry Brown's Law about women board members and the Equal Rights Amendment

 ... "LOS ANGELES (AP) — When then-California Gov. Jerry Brown signed the nation's first law requiring women on boards of publicly traded companies, he suggested it might not survive legal challenges." 

And it shouldn't. 

Women should not be discriminated against when being considered for board member positions, but to require a person be appointed to a position based on sex and not merit is nuts.

True gender-equality both morally and under the law demands that no one be either favored or discriminated against based on sex. Women can and should be considered for any position they are qualified for but without discriminating against men. Gender should not be a factor in choosing board members for publicly traded companies.

In this instance, the Equal Rights Amendment, that was never passed in this country but should have been, would have protected men against Jerry Brown's unconstitutional law. 

 Trial to determine if requiring women board members is legal (

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