Christian Witchery in Mainstream Churches

New Age Christianity Part Eleven 

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The eastern [Hindu] spiritual discipline of contemplative prayer is a New Age practice known as transcendental meditation. That and other aspects of New Age spirituality have found their way into the Christian community through the teaching of leaders such as Rick Warren.  

   Included in his Ministry Toolbox [a pastor’s resource emailed to thousands of ministers each week], is an article by Dan Kimball which contains a basic outline for beginning practitioners of Christian Witchery.

   Kimball does not identify it as such. However, Christian Witch Rawna Moon, agrees with Kimball, point for point, on the essential steps for successfully practicing Christian Witchery.[1] 

Sacred Space

   Kimball instructs his readers to attend to “the notion of sacred space.”

   Moon does the same thing when she instructs beginners in Christian Witchery that the first thing they need to do is get a sacred space and, “Always keep before you that what you are doing here is not using the sacred space as a thing, but relating to it as fellow creatures of the Creating One and so your brothers and sisters.

   Try to let this place be a place where you let go of the modernistic idea of humanity above and separate from nature. Instead realize that you are part of this place and you are not above it or more important than it.

   Begin to learn how to listen to it as your teacher.”

Contemplative Prayer

   Kimball advocates contemplative prayer in his push for a more experiential form of relating to God. He recommends that churches begin “Implementing ancient forms of worship" in addition to more recent ways.” Kimball recommended implementing “Lectio Divina” or some other contemplative praying of the Scriptures.

   Rawna Moon and Kimball agree on this. She believes contemplative prayer to be of inestimable value to Christian Witchery. She wrote: “Different spiritual traditions call this practice (we call centering) by many different names. It is the basic idea in Transcendental Meditation. It was the core spiritual discipline in many streams of Christian Monasticism and was called Contemplative Prayer.

   Buddhists are basically doing this when they chant.

   In current Christian spirituality, Father Thomas Keating, a Catholic priest, has been vital in reintroducing this practice to the Church, often referring to it as centering prayer….

   To Shamans and Witches of many diverse faith systems throughout the ages, centering is the first step in entering a spiritual realm.

   This doesn’t mean centering doesn’t have all the value that those who see it as the ultimate spiritual discipline say it has. It probably has a lot more, in fact.

   The simple truth is that if we can’t center, we can’t do anything.”


   Dan Kimball recommends using symbols to aid in worship. In Rick Warren’s Pastor’s Toolbox, he advised the following: “You can use the worship space itself as an expression of worship by attending to the notion of sacred space. Use religious symbols and artwork…. 

He suggests using the symbol of the cross as a focal point during worship.

This is nothing more than turning the cross into an idol. When the scriptures refer to the cross of Christ, it is always in reference to the atoning work done there. Not to any physical symbol of the cross itself.

   Satanists wear crosses.

   The symbol of the cross represents the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil which was critically involved in the fall of humanity and is the oldest symbol in history. Crosses are used in all forms of occult and witchcraft. It is not the symbol of the cross we focus on during worship, it is Christ himself and the atoning work he did there.

   Jesus is not embodied in any symbol.

   That is one of the reasons for the 2nd Commandment, “Thou shalt not make thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing…”

   Rick Warren must agree with this idolatrous practice as the article promoting it is found on his website.

   Christian Witches cannot practice their craft without symbols. Moon makes this clear when she instructs her protégés to: “Brainstorm symbols you can use to help you focus on the Divine as Goddess and Jesus as the living Sophia. Also brainstorm symbols which may be neutral gender-wise but will remind you of the Christian Good News and help you focus on your life in Christ.

   Get some of these symbols… construct your own altar. Place on it the symbols you have determined you need on it.”

Why was a cross chosen for Jesus to die on? Was it really necessary for his sacrificial death to be so cruel?

   When the Bible speaks of the cross of Christ, it is referring to the atoning work done there—not to the symbol itself.

   The cross, however, was chosen for a specific reason.

   The symbol of the cross is an ancient symbol. It pre-dates Christianity and represents the ultimate sin, the conjunction (meeting or mingling) of opposites, i.e., good and evil.

   The symbol of the cross is the oldest symbol known to humanity and has enjoyed widespread acceptance by occultist and Christians alike.

   The cross symbolizes the conjunction of opposites, and that relates directly to the knowledge of good and evil…which Satan tempted the first couple with, and by which successfully orchestrated the downfall of an entire race.

   The symbol of the cross, the conjunction or mingling of opposites, is in direct opposition to a holy God who never mingles the opposites of good and evil.

   God gave the first couple only one, “Thou shalt not,” which would have kept them ignorant of all evil—other than the simple fact that it existed and would have kept them completely safe, forever.

   The serpent told the couple they were missing something, and he would help them get it. He told them that God had not really given them everything they needed to be complete. They knew only about the good in life, and Satan told them that if they acquired the knowledge of evil along with the knowledge of good, that would make them whole. They would then become just like God (that is also where the yin/yang symbol and principle comes from).”

   God says there is no common ground upon which good and evil can meet and co-exist successfully, not in the same mind, not in the same body, not in the same home, city, country, planet, or universe.

   The symbol of the cross has always been the ultimate symbol of the mingling, conjoining and conjunction of opposites (the place where good and evil meet i.e., The Tree).

   The cross has always symbolized the lie that the knowledge of both good and evil are necessary to achieve ultimate balance, oneness, or wholeness.

   That is why Jesus had to die on a cross.

   He completely atoned for sin…

   By paying the ultimate price for sin…

   Upon the ultimate symbol of sin…


   The cross.

Praying With Crystals

   Kimball recommends using crystals as an aid to prayer. He wrote, “Set up a table with salt crystals and a map of your town, and have people pray for your community as they drop [the] salt [crystals] on places on the map”

   New Agers and all other practitioners of the occult also use crystals for healing and prayer (among other things). We read on the webpage “The Wonderful World of Crystals,” “We project a certain appeal into the heart of a crystal. We ask a crystal to help a person with a certain disease, to preserve his emotional balance or to help with any other thing. We direct the energy of a crystal. The dispersed energy of a crystal will flow according to our request. This radiation will vibrate in the field of our aura.”

   Dan Kimball has Rick Warren’s blessing in advocating the integration of occult practices into the worship of Jesus Christ in our church services. We know this because Warren published Kimball’s article as a resource for Pastors.

   One wonders what is going on with all the pastors who failed to cry out against Warren’s endorsement of Kimball and his article instructing God’s people in witchcraft?

   This is a dangerous and sinful practice. We are admonished in scripture not to learn the way of unbelievers. Simply because the name “Christian” is attached to something, does not mean it is endorsed biblically. The practices advocated by Rick Warren via Dan Kimball (and others) are without a doubt, occult practices being introduced to unsuspecting sheep under the guise of worship by trusted shepherds.

   “Therefore you shepherds hear the Word of the Lord As I live says the Lord God surely because my flock became a prey and my flock became food to every beast of the field because there was no shepherd neither did my shepherds search for my flock but the shepherds fed themselves and fed not my flock Therefore O you shepherds hear the word of the Lord Thus says the Lord God Behold I am against the shepherds and I will require my flock at their hand and cause them to cease from feeding the flock neither shall the shepherds feed themselves anymore for I will deliver my flock from their mouth that they may not be food for them…” Ezekiel 34:7-10

   The scriptures further say to Rick Warren, Dan Kimball, and all others who are leading the flock of the Lord astray with these abominable teachings, if they do not repent and turn from their wicked ways, they will fall into the pit along with all the unfortunates who follow them, and they will stand before the Judge of all the earth and answer for their sin.

[1] Rawna Moon has removed her website since the first edition of this book was published, but she is still featured in other Christian witchery websites.

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