Signs and Wonders

New Age Christianity Part Eight
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   Does God still do signs and wonders today?

   Of course he does. He is the same today, yesterday, and forever. 

   But we should also take heed to the fact that Jesus rebuked those who sought after signs.

   How many today tout signs and wonders to validate their ministries and draw people to their meetings? How many are seeking and following after signs and wonders?

   Jesus said a wicked and adulterous generation seeks after signs. 

   The miracles, signs, and wonders that Jesus performed during his ministry were in response to real needs; they were not frivolous manifestations that catered to sinful lusts to see and experience the supernatural.

   When Herod frivolously hoped to see a miracle, Jesus maintained His silence and refused to show him one. We see Jesus refusing to meet a legitimate need when a crowd was hungry and wanted another meal because he perceived they were not following him for who he was but rather for what they could get from him [1]. That was a subtle but dangerous shift in motivation on the part of the crowd … on our part too if the case is the same. It changes faithful followers of Christ into adulterous and whoring children.

   When we begin following after signs, wonders, and words from the so-called prophets, many of whom are no more than soothe-sayers, we are cheating on God. 

   The word of God says if we dream a dream, tell it. If we have a word, speak it faithfully. These things benefit us all by turning us from our own selfish and wicked ways to God’s life-giving ways. But far too many run when God has not sent and speak when they did not hear from God. These deceitful dreamers are not bringing God’s Word to his people; they are stealing his words from his people (Jeremiah 23:21-32).

[1] John 6: 26-27

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