Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Every Christian Needs Recovery

 A general overview of 2 Corinthians 10 speaks to discipleship and Christian growth of course. It is a chapter known for spiritual warfare but should also be a part of every Christian's recovery from wrong thoughts, attitudes, addiction, or abuse.  

Christian growth/Discipleship/Recovery: It's a novel thought isn't it, that every Christian needs "recovery" from wrong thoughts, ideas, and attitudes, that have become entrenched in our psyches from years of living with secular and traditional worldviews. We begin our journey as Children of God by learning the truth that sets us free. 

Once we come to Christ, the Holy Spirit helps us see things differently, but our thoughts must undergo a transformation by the washing of the water of The Word. Daily Bible reading, along with the guidance of the Holy Spirit is a must for Christian growth and freedom from strongholds and sins that easily beset us. 

Spiritual growth does not happen automatically. It is something we must intentionally strive for. But as we add to our faith, we find that freedom often comes as we walk out our own deliverance according to the knowledge of and obedience to The Word of God.

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