Friday, December 18, 2020

Book Review of, SOUL PURSUIT, by Chip Tudor: A Private Investigator Mystery


   Let me begin by saying, that I love the cover. Great job! 

I would definitely pluck this book off a shelf to see what's on the back cover...which says the book is packed with "action, humor, and personal reflection," (all true) as the main character, Jack, in a dual pursuit, searches to find, Jimmy, a brother in arms, and in the process, finds his own soul. 

You can't imagine my delight when I realized that while the main character was experiencing personal challenges and undergoing a character arc that would ultimately lead to a spiritual transformation, the author had somehow along the way, managed to subtly turn a story about tracking Jimmy, into a story about Jimmy himself

Brilliant! I found that I knew Jimmy, before I ever laid eyes on him. I bonded quickly with the main character and thoroughly enjoyed this book.

 Soul Pursuit, by Chip Tudor, was an absolutely delightful read. It has it all, riveting plot for a plot driven story, action for action lovers, relatable characters for those who love character driven fiction, and spiritual depth. What else could a reader ask for? Anyone who loves Christian fiction and enjoys private investigator mysteries, will love this story. 

*Caveat: The novel has large print, which I so appreciated, and I would definitely read another Chip Tudor novel. So, Chip, how about adding me to your beta reader list?

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