Friday, July 05, 2019

What is your Spiritual Gift?

 I believe God has given each of his children at least one spiritual gift. 

It may not be noticed in a public platform such as preaching, singing, teaching, etc... But His WORD promises that his differing gifts are divided among his children according to the grace that is given to each of us.

Your gift is important. It is making a difference in people's lives. One spiritual gift is that of encouragement. Are you an encourager? We should all encourage others, but have you ever considered that encouragement might be one of your gifts? 

A person once visited a workplace of mine who was in a devastating state of loneliness. After many years of marriage, they had been plunged into widowhood and one year later were still experiencing extreme grief and loneliness. In an effort to survive the loss [and escape painful reminders] they had relocated almost immediately, and this resulted in almost total isolation.

I preach. But was preaching the gift that was needed when this person began pouring out their heart to me? I teach. I write. I sing. I am gifted and anointed to speak publicly on a variety of topics, both religious and secular. But were any of these gifts of any use at all when confronted with a person who was emotionally broken, devastatingly lonely and isolated, and heartbreakingly transparent about their need for friendship and support in giving up the miserable comforter of alcohol?


A heart of compassion, a listening ear, an encouraging word, and perhaps the tiniest bit of direction to someone who hadn't the slightest idea of where to turn.  

Fortunately, my workplace was such that it provided community for people so this person was in a good place to begin building friendships and resolving the isolation problem. 

I asked them if they had a church they attended. They answered that they were not religious. They did not seem adverse to the idea of church, only that they felt they did not qualify for that option as they were not religious. 

I did not, at that point, feel led to begin preaching or even telling them that Jesus was their answer (though He is!), but I did assure them they did not have to be religious to visit a church where they could meet people and begin to develop friendships and support systems that would ease the loneliness, help deal with the grief and loss, end the isolation, and help with ditching the miserable comforter of alcohol (I phrased it simply "support group"). 

This person was open to all of this and thanked me for jotting down the names of two churches I thought they might enjoy, one of which has a weekly support group.  

Thankfully, my job was such that, when I had no pressing tasks, chatting with our members was part of my everyday life at work (primary reason I took that job!). This person thanked me for taking the time to talk with them and declared they felt very encouraged by our conversation.

We should all be encourager's, and I haven't given much thought as to whether that might be one of my gifts, but regardless, it felt good to encourage a heart that day. 

So what is your gift? How does God use you to shine HIS LIGHT and encourage hearts in your workplace and every day life? 

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