Beware of Accommodationalism Theology

When boiled down to its essence, accommodationalism teaches that the Bible is not relevant for Christians today, or, for that matter, at any other time in history except for the ancient audience it was originally written to.

Accommodation theologians ignore the fact that the Bible says God preserves his Word to EVERY generation. Now why would our Creator do that if his Word was relevant only in the ancient context and to the ancient audience to which it was written? 

The claims of accommodationalist theologians call God a liar, and I call them liars 

I read my Bible every day always picking up today where I left off yesterday. I have been reading, studying, researching for the past 40-years, and have found the words of scripture relevant for daily guidance in my life today. I have found the Holy Spirit inspired words of the original authors to be evergreen, wise, comforting, and...something I believe accommodationalists hate...convicting. The Bible has much to say about itself and its timeless relevancy in every area of our lives.

I will have more to say about accommodationalism in the near future. What do you think? Leave your comments below

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