Book Review: A Death Well Lived by Daniel Overdorf

If you love historical fiction, this book is for you! 

Not your typical crucifixion story. 

A Death Well Lived, by Daniel Overdorf, is an exquisite historical portrayal of the times coupled with the enthralling transformation of Lucius, the Roman Centurion, who went from being "intoxicated by ordering a kill," to a man who "shuddered with each blow" he delivered to the spikes that pinned Jesus of Nazareth to the cross.

This event is portrayed through the eyes of vivid and relatable characters. Overdorf's story weaves the times and events of the last months of Jesus' life into a vivid, unforgettable, and emotional drama.

 It's a story of love, hate, fear, violence, barbarity, bitterness, and forgiveness.  The author deftly unites a family traumatically brutalized with the soldier who did it. And in the end, both find something neither was looking for.

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