The Garden of Eden & Two Types of Sin

    It is no coincidence that under the Law of Moses, the sacrifice for unintentional sin is a female goat [Lev 4]. 
   This harks back to Genesis and the two types of sin involved in the fall of 'âdâm (pronounced "audawm," Hebrew for the "human race" --Genesis 5:2).  
   The very first animal sacrifice was made by God himself when he gave the first couple "coverings" in the Garden. These coverings, covered both intentional and unintentional sin and no doubt mirrored the instructions in Leviticus where we see a female animal being the covering for unintentional sin, whereas, Jesus the Lamb of God, the second Adam, being male, covered both types of sin, including the intentional sin committed by Iysh, the first Adam.
   God covered the intentional sin of Iysh [the first man], who was not deceived, but deliberately chose to rebel against his creator, understanding exactly what he was doing, and God also covered the unintentional sin of Ishshâw (the first woman) who was tricked by Satan and did not set out to sin but ended up doing just that.

   We see the concept of both types of sin in the New Testament as well. In 1 John, we read that if we confess our known sins [most of which are intentional], God will forgive us from the sins we confess to him and then go on to cleanse us from all unrighteousness [as yet unknown, likely unintentional sins].

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