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To be published by Forever-Love Books
(Release date to be announced)

When Morgan Alexander returns to her childhood home, the place where her mother mysteriously disappeared 17 years earlier, strange things begin to happen.... 

The truth of one woman's disappearance changes another woman's life forever and brings an entire town to its knees

The child was betrayed. Can the woman learn to trust? She must, or lose the only man she has ever loved. 

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   How many times must he ask her that? He knew perfectly well who “That Nice Man” was! 
   The child pressed her face deeper into Mae Alexander’s lap, tightening the death-grip she had on her aunt. This behavior wasn’t like Morgan, but it wasn’t every day her mother disappeared and the killer showed up asking if she could identify him. 
   He asked again, bombarding her with a barrage of persistent and repetitive questions. “Morgan,” he said gently, “the last person to see your mother was you. You said she was on the phone with “That Nice Man” just before she left, yesterday. You said you had spoken on the phone with him many times. Did he ever tell you his name?” 
   Aunt Mae pried the little face from her lap. The investigator was nudged aside by a female deputy who knelt on the floor beside her. “Sweetheart,” she said, “we know this is difficult for you.” She placed a perfectly-manicured hand on Morgan’s arm. “But do you know anything that might help us find your mother, anything at all?” She tried reasoning with the child. “She might be hurt and waiting for us to find her.” 
   The over-wrought girl knew that wasn’t true. Oh why didn’t I go with mamma when she asked me? One thing she knew for certain, if Lilli Alexander was alive, Sampson would still be missing. 
   But he wasn’t missing. He was safe in his stall, right where Uncle Willie had put him after bringing him home last night, without his owner. 
   A soul-chilling wail filled the room and trailed behind her, as Morgan released her Aunt and raced out the door...towards a refuge that would elude her for the next seventeen years.

Seventeen Years Later 

    Morgan paused in the doorway of the first place she’d seen in miles where she might find a soft drink. The gravel parking lot and weathered sign, at Buchanan’s General Store were just as she remembered. So was the interior. It was just as dim, and, if possible, even more drab than the last time she had been here. She doubted the plank floor had ever seen a coat of paint. 

    Just inside, in the front of the store and to her left, a group of old-timers occupied a cluster of chairs forming a common area around an old heating stove—couldn’t possibly be the same ones…could it? They were focused on whittling, spitting, prognosticating about local elections, and bragging on their hunting hounds. Stock shelves stood beyond that. 

    It seemed only yesterday since she’d been here. She remembered it all. 

   One old-timer, who was regaling the group with stories of the legendary hunting dog, Blue Boy, choked off his discourse mid-sentence when he spotted Morgan. Unable to take his eyes from her, mouth still open, he slumped back into his chair. This started a chain reaction where the whittling slowed…then stopped altogether…as the men, one by one, looked in the direction of the entrance…and froze.

   Morgan paused. Swallowing down anxiety, her hand seemed loath to release the door. She was parched and wanted a soft drink, but maybe she should leave..... 

   The old-timer’s reactions to her arrival did nothing to convince her that coming back had been the right thing to do. Her exit, however, was checked by a kindly voice coming from the check-out counter. 

   “What can I do for you, ma’am?” 

   Though she hadn't heard it in seventeen years, she recognized Robert Buchanan’s voice immediately. As she turned towards him, her face came into view, and the smile on his face vanished.  

   The tension in the store fairly crackled, and Morgan wanted nothing more than to turn tail and run. Instead, she stood up a little taller, held her head high, released her hold on the door, and stepped inside....

Contracted to be published with Forever-Love Books. Release date to be announced!

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